turkey : safe to travel or nah?

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Turkey? In this episode, I traveled deep into the center of the former Ottoman Empire and partied in the most remote and vibrant destinations.

hot n spicy in durban, south africa

They dared me to try the spiciest of the spicy cuisines brought to South Africa from India.  This was the last day of 2018 so I had to go out with a bang!

ditch winter for south beach

Not a fan of the cold and snow? Me neither! South Beach is the perfect winter getaway.  After hurricane season ends, Miami tops my list of American cities where you can  hide from winter.  Here's what you need to know before heading out. 

naked cyclists take over seattle


In this episode, I travel to Fremont, a Seattle, WA neighborhood with tradition... and a lot of naked people. This is how they welcome summer!

the truth about sXSW IN AUSTIN

I uncover the festival thats morphed into a worldwide stage for the interactive, film and music industries.  Is it worth the hype? I ask  musicians, locals and attendees for their honest opinions.

weekend rave in michigan woods

Every summer, "The forest" calls ravers from all over the world and welcomes them home. 60,000 people camp in Rothbury, MI for a weekend of insanity.  This beautiful festival  is truly one of a kind.

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Spontaneous trip to Morocco


I took a last minute trip across the Gibraltar straight and traveled down the country’s west coast.  Using social apps to find hosts along the way, I went on wild adventures with 18 different Moroccans.

Love in Spain


Exploring dating apps to find friends, lovers and events, I  experienced life from a local's perspective.  During my trips to Spain, I went on escapades with strangers-turned-friends  in Madrid, Barcelona, Tarifa, Seville, Cádiz and Ibiza.

Uncovering Turkey


 On a whim, I bought a one way ticket to Istanbul.  Once I arrived, various hosts were welcoming, warm and acted as guides on my various adventures around the country.

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